Archangel Power Systems Architect [Electrical power systems engineer]

Career Info

Category: Engineering
Type: Full Time


This role is the further development of the Archangel hybrid power system architecture. This role will inherit the overall systems architecture and expand on the engineering optimization with respect to the propulsion system. Must have a strong team minded work ethic and the ability to understand how the system module of power interfaces with the entire aircraft electrical system (electrical propulsion, avionics, aircraft ancillary systems and electrical support).


  • BS or MS in electrical engineering with a focus on system architecture and power.
  • Experience with FAA certification and compliance standards, eg. 14 CFR part 25, RTCA/CO-178 and 160.
  • Strong understanding of a wide variety of disciplines of engineering [electronics, structures, materials, aerodynamics, safety]
  • Holistic thinker (duties will not necessarily include all of the above but is a requirement to understand how your designs will interface with and enhance them to create synergy)

Preferred skills and training:

  • Design for manufacturing experience and/or training
  • Experience with an aerospace manufacturing organization
  • Experience with test engineering
  • Strong aptitude for mathematical AND qualitative analysis
  • Strong talent in prototyping, 3D printing design, composites and manufacturing

*This is a foundational engineering role with potential to evolve into a managerial/technical leadership position, and will interface directly with the chief tech office