Eternium Corporation



A journey of "what if".........

Eternium Aerospace is a veteran owned business founded in 2014 on the guiding principles of holism and harmony through engineering by Founder Jared M. Semik (Marine Corps/Army aviation veteran and Aerospace engineer). Borne out of a 4 year feasibility and development study into how to best address the barriers to electrification of long range aircraft as well as one probing how to improve the air travel industry, Eternium’s aircraft system showed promise with the advent of the patent pending Eternium motor and variable propulsion system as well as it’s proprietary smart power system. In 2018, the Archangel design architecture was born. Evolving ALL of the aircraft systems that pose a barrier to long range electrified flight; energy storage, aerodynamic efficiency and “propulsion density” while adding enhancements for flight safety, simplicity, cost of manufacture and quality of user experience, Eternium began the intense journey of engineering development of its first aircraft the Archangel. In 2020, owed to modularity of design Eternium decided to develop 3 additional variants in addition to the passenger version; an autonomous cargo, semi-autonomous fire fighting and military UCAV variants.

It is the mission of Eternium to be the first production electric aircraft to fly Non-Stop from the US to Europe.


Building lasting relationships

Eternium operates on the Japanese principles of strong relationships over transactions. Beyond wise financial and technical strategy we believe the backbone of a successful organization is the relationships it builds and works to prosper. These generate organizational, fiscal and technological efficiency which supports both the quality of product as well as a healthy return on investment. We welcome all investor enquiries predicated on the diligence of building such a foundation.

~Jared M. Semik [President]