Archangel Systems Architect [Aeronautical engineer]

Career Info

Category: Engineering
Type: Full Time


Responsible for working through the founder’s vision of the Archangel system architecture to produce planform and aero-structure that seamlessly incorporates propulsion, power and cargo systems to establish a high level of efficiency and performance. This position will inherit the founder’s Archangel systems architecture paradigm and will have the opportunity to expand on the current state of the art as they professionally see fit to improve the design. If you like the challenge of operating in both the macro and microscopic and creating that which has never been done (a transatlantic electric aircraft) then you might be the perfect fit.


  • BS or MS in aeronautical engineering with a heavy drive to push the envelope of what is possible with both current and currently in development technology
  • Experience with FAA certification for flightworthiness standards
  • Experience with full systems architecture and aircraft layout
  • Ability to evolve your own knowledge with the evolution of the aircraft development
  • Holistic minded
  • Highly team oriented
  • Strong experience with composites and generative design

Preferred skills and training:

  • Design for manufacture and maintenance experience and training
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Experience interfacing with government and military organizations and a familiarity with their methods and requirements

This position interfaces with suppliers, the president of Eternium and might require presentation of your work, if this is a concern, we are willing to work with individuals who struggle with social interfacing.